General information

ILF Filter™ –  a cost-efficient solution for filtrations in tough environment

The supply of high quality water from natural water sources for cooling purposes, has become a scarce commodity. Filtration of the water before use in cooling systems is necessary in order to get a trouble free operation of the cooling system. ILF filter is an auto flush multi baskets pressure filter for coarse or micro filtration of water as sea, river or lake water. The filter is also well suited for filtration of many process liquids.

bildHigh performance

ILF filters are designed for use in tough environment in industrial cooling water systems. The area of the filter baskets are back flushed  100%  which guarantee an efficient cleaning and a stable pressure drop. Using ILF is a very cost-efficient solution to protect heat exchangers and other sensitive components installed in a cooling water system from fouling, clogging or damages. ILF filters can be used either with one filter serving only one heat exchanger or one or several filters serving a battery of heat exchangers. A couple of filters can serve a whole plant’s need of filtrations .

Easy service and installation

The filter baskets are free from internal through parts as shafts, diverters, valves and other disruptive parts. This makes it very easy to remove and inspect the baskets. The filter baskets are also very strong compared with many other type of filters. The filter body is internally lined with Glass Flake Polyester which guarantee a corrosion safe design.  The design of the filter supports depends on the actual installation. ILF filter’s nozzles can be installed in almost any orientation. The compact design save installation-space.

Safe operation

The filter automatically cleans itself without interrupting the process, by back flushing one basket at a time. Very low flushing flow is required due to the design of the flushing system. The start of the cleaning cycle is initiated either by predetermined intervals or by high differential pressure. ILF filter is operated automatically, either electrically or pneumatically. Both versions are supplied with an automatic control.


ILFCO adapts the design of the filter baskets to the requirements.

ILF Filter baskets are free from through parts and are easy to remove and assemble when     service is needed. lLFCO delivers filter baskets in different designs as needed. ILF filter baskets have a very high strength, which guarantees a long life time and less service.


Wedge wire basket

Wedge wire screens are welded at each intersection of Vee-shaped surface wire and support rod for optimum structural strenght. The inwardly enlarging Vee-shaped slot allows only two-point particle contact which minimizes plugging and blinding.

Perforated plate basket

Making filter baskets out of perforated sheet metal for filtration of liquids is very common . It is available in many materials and is also resistant to pressure variations. Filter baskets made of perforated sheet metal is more sensitive to clogging, plugging than wedge wire baskets.


Wire mesh basket

Wire mesh  baskets are only used when a mesh size of <0.3mm is required. It is  sensitive to pressure variations and requires more maintenance. It is available in many materials.


ILF filters are used in various applications when high performance is required.

ILF filters can be used as intake filters for the process industry when large amounts of seawater are used as refrigerants.

Applications where ILF filters are suitable are chemical plants, oil and gas processing plants, refineries, power plants, desalination plants, steel and metal mills and many others.

A smaller filter can be installed in front of each heat exchanger or a larger filter can be installed to service a number of heat exchangers.


Another application where ILF filter is suitable  is marine installations. It is common for the  propulsion engines in the vessels to be cooled with fresh water in a closed loop cooling system. Fresh water is cooled by means of filtered seawater. The same principle is used for diesel power plants.

An example of how a closed loop system can be designed. The raw water is pumped into the heat exchangers after it has been filtered by the raw water filters. Fresh water is cooled by means of raw water. The raw water is pumped back to the sea. Using  a closed loop system extends equipment life.


An ILF Filter installed in a petrochemical factory

ILF Filter in an A/C plant in Gothenburg


ILF 20L— A Filter with high performance that can handle large flow variations.

Safe operation, easy installation and service

ILF20L is a new simplified ILF filter from ILFCO, where the inlet valves have been replaced with piston valves. Each   piston valve acts as both an inlet and an outlet valve through its stops in the respective filter baskets inlet and outlet during operation. Using piston valves with extended piston rods, which have double bearings, provides a safe and long life. The number of moving parts has been minimized. The piston valve disc also amplifies the cleaning effect by mechanical cleaning of the filter baskets. Using ILF Filters is a very cost-efficient solution to protect heat exchangers and other sencitive components installed in a water cooling    system from clogging, fouling and damages.

IMF—A service friendly manual filter as standby

IMF installed in a petrochemical factory




  • Total cleaning of the filter baskets.
  • Low operation pressure drop, due to efficient cleaning system and an unique flow
  • distributer mounted at inlet of the filters which saves pump energy.
  • The pressure drop is always reset to the initial value after each cleaning cycle.
  • Easy to serve due to a service-friendly design.
  • Compact design which save installation space.
  • Low flushing flow.


ILFCO AB can also offer you a filter training course.The agenda can be tailor-made after your requirements

ILFCO reserves the right to changes specifications without prior notification.