ILF Filter – for filtration of sea water and other liquids

ILF – Multibasket auto flush filter for safe operation

ILFCO AB is a Swedish company specialized in filtration of low quality water. ILFCO AB design and manufacture multi basket auto flush filter for water cooling systems and other applications. ILF Filter which is specially designed for use in tough environments. It has particular properties to protect coolers and other sensitive components from clogging, fouling and damages.

ILF – High performance, easy installation and service

Its high performance and safe operation in combination with easy service makes it a very cost-efficient solution.  ILF Filter is also designed for use in high flow rates, as “filter stations” and intake duties.

IMF – Manual filter

As a complement to the auto flush filters, Ilfco has released a new serie of manual filters, IMF. The IMF Filter can easily be manualflushed if needed. When flushing operation take place,it will not interrupting the process.

ILFCO AB – Long experiences of liquid filtration

We have more than 30 years’ of experiences world wide of heat exchangers and auto flush filters in water cooling systems by using water from natural water sources such as sea-, river- and lake water.

ILFCO is always working in close cooperation with our customers, from quotation to start-up.    

Vattenfall 1

ILFCO is specialized in filtration

of water from natural water sources